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A Disney's Tinkerbell Stamping Community
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A Stamping Community dedicated to Disney's Tinkerbell movies.

Welcome to Tinker_Stamps!
This is a stamping/rating community dedicated to Disney’s CG Tinkerbell movies (Tinkerbell, The Lost Treasure, The Great Fairy Rescue, and The Mysterious Winter Woods) run by your mods Nikki/xdreaminghumble, Wy/100acrewuds, and Ella/petitetiara. Here you will find out exactly which fairy you are along with various other themes such as your talent, outfit, song, and more judged by who other members vote you as! So feel free to join, vote, and keep this community alive!

Please promote to keep this community active!

Rules, Guidelines, and Restamping:
1. Obviously; no bashing, harassment, or rudeness in general. If I notice that you are getting carried away, you will be banned.
2. If you disagree with what someone voted you as, that’s one thing. But do not complain to them about their vote. They obviously voted you as that character/object for a reason. If you are unhappy with your stamp, you can get a restamp (see below for restamping details).
3. Fill out your application as thoroughly and detailed as possible! If you’re too blunt with your answers, it becomes harder to capture your personality and therefore harder to stamp you.
4. When voting on others applications, BOLD your votes! How? < b > CHOICE HERE < / b >. Just remove the spaces.
5. DO NOT SHEEP! I personally hate this and I know others do to. Sheeping is when you just vote the same thing that everyone else is without really reading the application and giving your actual opinion. A lot of the time this results in people getting unfairly stamped. Heck, it’s happened to me before too.
6. When voting on fellow member’s applications, give at least one or two sentences as an explanation on why you voted that person as that character/object. This will show that you mean your choice and you are not just sheeping. It will also provide the application-er with reasons why he/she is being voted your choice.
7. If you’d like to prevent sheeping, feel free to screen your votes. You can choose that option when editing your log.
8. You must vote on ALL UNSTAMPED applications BEFORE posting your own. There will be a place for you to put the three app. links in the applications so you can’t miss it!
9. Put all your applications under an LJ CUT. You can find out how by clicking HERE .
10. Even when stamped, please keep voting. Otherwise the community will die out and its just common courtesy.
11. Tag your unstamped application with !unstamped. If you see an added !needsvotes, it means that I noticed that you didn't vote on other people and need to go back and do so.
12. To show that you read the rules, place the words “Born of Laughter” somewhere in your subject line.
13. You will get stamped after 5 unanimous votes or after a week if there is as least a character voted more than once.

Respect the rules, keep voting, and just have fun! :D


If you are unhappy with your stamp or would like to try again after a long time and you feel like your personality has changed, that’s fine! There are only a few details regarding restamping.

1. You are allowed to get a ONE restamp per theme.
2. Please wait a week for a restamp if the community is pretty active.
3. Whenever a new Tinkerbell movie comes out, such as Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy rescue in fall 2010, you may get a restamp after the movie is released. Why? Because often new characters, places, and items are brought in and some personalities of the basic characters may change—so you may fit a different fairy instead. New stamps will be made whenever something new is introduced in the movies as well.

Applications and Themes:
Main Application:

Stamps for Main App. Here
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Little Fuzzies Theme

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